Lynn and Till present their early drawings and pictures;    Enjoy!

Till is experimenting with new material and technics.
Fish, assembles from coloured paper snippets.


September 2003; Lynn drawing sunflowers.


Painted for Christian Jaekl - Lynn says it's Christian with a dog


August 2003. Ship on aquarell background, painted by Lynn
Kindergarten III


Ship / Flower / Lynn


Is this the correct orientation?


July 2003, Till uses colors; Wax/Crayon


Lynn draws dad. The red dots are supposed to be teeth.



Lynn: Kindergarten II


Lynn: Kindergarten I


20th June 2003: Lynn's first signature!


March 2003, Till v


Lynn's landscape with moon and sun.


Till is drawing rather free style, as you can expect from a 2 year old fellow. May 2003.


Till is mixing up the Modern Art scene! One of his first drawings.
April 2003.


Lynn's drawing of her family. Dad, Mum, Lynn and Till, from left to right. Drawn May 2003.


Lynn's styles is changing. She is in a children group since January 2003.
So other children and drawing exercises are influencing her.
This picture shows her dad in the office, with a computer on the table, created in May 2003.


She's allowed to use the notebook, it's 2003 by now.
Hard to understand what to press to get a result on the screen.


July 2002. First aquarell painting. She like it very much to water the whole paper.


December 2001 drawing with Pen-Ball. Lynn always holds the pens,
pencils and colors quite professional in her little hands.


This drawing was done on a rainy Wednesday morning in February 2002
while Jan was having breakfast. It's a dog and a cow drawn by Jan, heavily modified by Lynn.


Afternoon February 2002 drawing.


Addresspaper, enhanced by Lynn, February 2002.



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